Will digital marketing continue to grow?

Talking about year 2023, digital marketing is not a new thing in the market. It has been prevalent since more than two decades, YES you read it right! more than two decade. Now, if any technology has survived & grown in the last two decades where we have seen some major IT, banking and health crises, then the probability of it surviving & growing in the next two decade and more is also present. The fact is technology never dies, it just evolves. When digital marketing started, it was not as it is right now. Major changes has happened and changes will continue to happen in future as well. The point is as customer demand changes the way of marketing and sales also develops and so is digital marketing. May be one decade from now, the methods of marketing may change but if the product and service industry will grow, and it will grow for sure! then digital marketing is ought to grow.

Let’s understand in detail, why digital marketing will continue to grow in the coming decades and what challenges will it face?

In terms of how will it grow, we can list some key points which may be the driving factor for digital marketing:

  • Integration of Voice Search and AI – The rise of voice-activated devices and smart assistants has altered how people search for information and make purchasing decisions. Voice search optimization has become essential for businesses to remain visible in search results. Additionally, artificial intelligence and natural language processing are transforming customer interactions through chatbots and virtual assistants. The integration of voice search and AI in digital marketing strategies will continue to shape how brands engage with their audiences.
  • Analytical Marketing – Digital marketing allows for precise measurement and analysis of campaign performance, which was not possible in traditional marketing. The availability of data-driven insights empowers marketers to optimize their strategies in real-time, making data the backbone of effective decision-making. With the help of analytics tools, marketers can identify trends, consumer preferences, and areas for improvement, leading to more efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns.
  • Increasing online transactions – The Indian government is looking aggressively in building the online safe infrastructure for transactions that can be tracked in real time and in low cost. This has abruptly increased the online e-commerce market as everyone is ready to pay online instantly. This has put digital marketers to think new ways of providing accurate and concise information in front of the customer to compel him to make instant order without having to look for much alternatives. This has increased digital marketer’s work and so online marketing is going no where in future.
  • Mobile Revolution – The rise of mobile devices has been a game-changer for digital marketing. Mobile phones have become an integral part of people’s lives, and they spend a significant amount of time on their devices. Mobile marketing allows businesses to target users based on their location and behavior, delivering highly relevant and timely ads. As mobile usage continues to rise, mobile advertising will remain a key component of digital marketing strategies.

Now, lets look into some challenges for digital marketing:

One major challenge that digital marketers need to navigate is the everchanging algorithms of search engines ad social media platforms. Due to privacy issue google has also faced many tough situations where it had to clarify that how it collects user insights and makes money out of it. Not only google but every social media platform faces backlashes for its user privacy rights. Recently tiktok got banned in India, WhatsApp was also questioned about its end to end encryption policy and so on. Hence, digital marketers need to be aware of changing policies and algorithms to make changes in their strategies from time to time.

Another challenge is the saturation of content online, which makes it harder for business to stand out. The increasing business mindset and startups has created an ample of options and alternatives for customers to choose from. This can lead to certain brands being white washed by bigger brands. Customers need right products for the least price and a major shift in economy is coming from unorganized sector to organized sector. So the players in organized sector are increasing day by day creating a funnel for customers where they can choose the same products for lower prices. Hence, marketers need to find innovative ways to grab attention and engage with their target audience.


While there are challenges ahead, the future of digital marketing looks promising. As long as marketers stay adaptable, creative and focused on delivering value to their audience, they can leverage the power of digital channels for business growth.

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