Step by Step Guide of How a Website is Developed?

Web development has emerged as one of the first thing when it comes to online marketing. It enables business to showcase their products or services 24/7. Recent years have a seen a drastic change in the web development domain as earlier people needed to higher s coder to write the website code which took hours of work which derives the same result as now CMS is offering.

In this blog, we will delve into the whole process of website development right from purchasing domain and hosting to designing of it.

The main focus of this blog is to make readers understand the tools and terminology used during the process. So lets start by giving a detailed description of web development.

Step by step process in website developmentA computer with some backend code written and a human hand typing it.

Step 1: Purchasing Domain & Hosting

Domain- Domain refers to the the website’s name or in simple words it is the address of the website. As every house needs an address to be verified and located, similarly domain is the address or identity of the website by which it will be recognized in the online space.

So domain can be purchased from any trusted website like Go Daddy, Hostinger, etc. We would prefer GoDaddy just because of its better performance and higher optimized nature.

Hosting- Hosting is the space on the website which offers space to upload content like posts, images, videos, articles, etc. Understand it as the home in which you live.

You need space to build your house and to keep things in it. Same work is done by hosting. Hosting can also be purchased from the above two websites and many more like webhost runner, etc.

NOTE: Domain and hosting can be purchased from either one website or from different websites. The difference between the two’s is that if both are purchased from a single website then you don’t need to merge them , but if they are purchased from different websites, then they will have to be merged (that too is a simple process, but a necessary one).

Step 2: Merger of domain to hosting

So, if both domain & hosting are purchased from same website, then you can skip this step. But if they are purchased from different websites, then continue reading.

A domain name server (DNS) is provided by domain which needs to be updated with the name server provided by hosting (THIS IS CALLED MERGER OF DOMAIN AND HOSTING).

So, go to the name server option on the hosting site (from where you have purchased it) and copy the name servers.

There are two name servers provided by hosting, and you have to paste both of them in the DNS of domain. After few minutes of pasting the same, it will be updated. And here it is, your domain & hosting are merged!

Step 3: C-panel login

Control panel is referred as C-panel. It is the most important place which contains the nervous system of your website, i.e. all the coding, files, documents, backups, website content is stored in this. This is found in the hosting website.

After logging into hosting, in the Services < Level 1 option, Login to C-panel option is displayed.  Here you have to make the username & password of C-panel.

Step 4: Website from Coding or CMS

A computer generated image showing a person working on computer and surrounded with blocks

Now this is a crucial step, here you have to decide whether the website will be build on coding or CMS.

CMS means content management system. It is a software which provides option for non-coders to build a website without having the need to code.

As in this blog, we are considering that the website will be build on CMS so the software which we will use is WORDPRESS.

There are many such CMS software such as Shopify, Wix, Drupal, Majento, etc. But the most common and widely used trusted software is WordPress.

Now, in the c-panel, you will find a option as WordPress manager by Softaculas. By clicking on it, WordPress installation window will open and from here it will be installed. All our website building will be done on this software’s dashboard. WordPress will also require a username & password which should not be shared with anyone.

Step 5: Website building

Here we are, all the technicalities regarding purchase and installation of WordPress have been completed and we are ready to be creative now and build a high responsive website with the help of plugins and tools in just drag and drop style.

This step can’t be explained in one blog, you can know more about it here. We are mentioning all important tools used to build a website, what are they called, what are their uses, where are they found and every aspect which you need to know.

Themes – Theme is the design template which defines overall appearance and layout of website, allowing users to customize their site without altering its core functionality.

Plugins – WordPress uses Plugins as tools to apply different layers of the website. WordPress offers 50k+ plugins to build our website. It is found on the left side where all options are given under dashboard.

Widgets – These are small modular components, that allows us to easily add and arrange various elements such as menu, text images, within designated areas of website’s layout.

Pages – Websites have different pages, like home, about us, contact us, blogs, etc. these are pages which show the content of the website, which viewers or audience can see and know about the products or services that the website offers.

These were some main points regarding website development, there are various other customization that a website needs and they can be found in the dashboard.


A girl smiling and doing thumbs up with a laptop on her lap with blue background.Website development is the first thing a business needs to do which will take their brand identity in the online world and will open various other prospects from around the world. Users can visit these websites 24/7 and become aware of the business offerings.

If you are looking to take your business online and use your personal website for showcasing what you offer, you can contact us to get your website build today by industry experts.






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