Beginners guide to successful Email Marketing

Emails have been around as a medium of communication for a long time now. Earlier physical mails were sent which took months to reach their destination, eventually technology advanced and physical mails converted to electronic mail or E-mail. These took relatively less time and were cost effective. As a result, emails became popular first in European countries and later in India as well.

When email was first used, it was a medium of basic communication and not for business purposes. But later when people started to use the power of emails more effectively, then they realized that emails can be a great strategy to reach out to people in more quantity.

Then businessmen began using this as a medium of their product promotion by making people aware about their offerings through emails.

Now, with more advancing technology this strategy has become a part of a more diverse field i.e. digital marketing. Here, email campaigns are introduced to give a more personalized and attractive look to our ‘old school’ emails.

In this blog, we will discuss some important topics related to email marketing.

Pros and cons of email marketing

In this segment we will highlight some major points that will clarify all the doubts regarding email marketing. It is an easy to understand point wise explanation.

Pros of email marketing:

  1. Cost Effective- Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy for all size of businesses as it does not include printing, posting or advertising space.
  2. High ROI- Studies have shown that across all marketing channels, email marketing has higher return on investment per dollar spent.
  3. Personalized communication- email marketing includes tailored content for personalized content so that businesses can make a better rhea and influence on their target customers.
  4. Easy to Track and Analyze- Email marketing platforms offer robust tracking and analytics features. Businesses can track open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven improvements.
  5. Global Reach- With the internet connecting people worldwide, email marketing offers a global reach. Businesses can engage with an international audience without the constraints of time zones or physical locations.

Cons of email marketing:

  1. Deliverability Challenges- One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is ensuring that emails land in recipients’ inboxes rather than their spam folders. Email filters and algorithms can sometimes flag legitimate emails as spam, affecting deliverability.
  2. Overwhelm and Unsubscribe Rates- If businesses send too many emails or irrelevant content, subscribers may become overwhelmed and unsubscribe from the list.
  3. Content Competition- The success of email marketing depends on creating compelling content that stands out in recipients’ inboxes. It can be challenging to create content that resonates and captures recipients’ interest.
  4. Mobile Optimization- As more people access emails on mobile devices, emails must be optimized for different screen sizes and devices. Failure to do so can result in a poor user experience and reduced engagement.

An illustration showing user behavior for an event email

A step wise diagram showing the user behaviour for email marketing campaign provided by SBA Services

With the above comparison, a basic to detailed idea about the concept of email marketing must be clear. Now, let’s dive into the process and steps to implement email marketing.

Steps involved in email marketing

Generally email marketing is a 6 step process which we will discuss here:

  • Define your audience- The very first step involves curating a list of audience which we have to target, it can be a specific age group, particular geography, selected niche, etc. This is a crucial step as we don’t want to show or send emails to irrelevant leads, as it increases the chances of un-subscription and email bounce. A buyer persona report is created here.
  • Define your goals- In the second step, defining a goal of how many emails are to be sent in terms of number is important because without a specific number in mind, the reach will be affected as different platforms offer different criteria for bulk mail shoot.
  • Email extraction- The third step involves extracting emails depending upon the target audience and predefined goal. Extracting emails means to get the contact details of the target customers so that we could reach to them through are email campaigns. This needs to be refined as if we will send send emails to irrelevant people then they will not open it and the bounce rates will increase, which will eventually affect our data analysis.
  • Choosing campaign- The fourth step involves selecting the type of email we have to send, it can be welcome emails, promotional emails, seasonal campaign, post purchase drip, newsletter, etc. This is another important step as if the customer does not find the email attractive or compelling, he is not going to open it even if it gives the best of offers.
  • Mail Shoot- In the fifth step, a platform is used to send the emails to targeted audience, as mentioned earlier different platforms offer different bulk mail shoot. The platforms can be Mailchimp, Zoho, Send in blue, etc. These can be free as well as paid tools.
  • Measure the matrix- The last step involves measuring the success of the campaign, it is the data driven step which tells about the number of impressions, clicks, opened emails, responses, etc. This is a necessary step as if something is not going as per plan, then we can modify the campaign based on the insights from the analytics.


This blog focused on the basics of email marketing, how it is beneficial for businesses, advantages & disadvantages and the process to implement email marketing campaigns.

To maximize the benefits of email marketing while minimizing its drawbacks, businesses need to carefully plan and execute their email campaigns.

And this can be done by,

Focusing on delivering value, maintaining relevance, and adhering to best practices in the ever-evolving digital landscape. For more such blogs scroll down in the page.

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